Gambler Addiction Index

Gamblers Addiction Index Scales

•Truthfulness Scale
•Gambling Severity Scale
•DSM-IV Gambling Scale
•Alcohol Scale
•Drugs Scale
•Suicide Scale
•Stress Coping Abilities Scale


Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS) tests can be administered in two ways.

1. Over the internet. Tests are also available over the internet on our online testing platform Tests can be purchased one at a time, or in any quantity desired. Tests are available 24/7.

2. On 3 1/2" diskettes, or USB flash drives. Diskettes or USB flash drives come pre-loaded with 25 or 50 tests, whichever the test user prefers. Visit our website, for more information.

Whether tests are on diskettes, USB flash drives, or provided online (over the internet), tests function exactly as the Windows version and, the test reports look the same, are computer scored on-site, and are evidence-based.

The goal, from the beginning, has been to develop practical, helpful and psychometrically sound instruments, or tests: Practical, in the sense that the tests can be completed in a reasonable amount of time; helpful, in terms of providing useful information; and psychometrically sound, with regard to reliability, validity and accuracy.

Optical Scanner Scoring: With a full, letter-size color scanner, customized, scannable answer sheets are developed, specifically, for your scanner and can be used for automated data entry. The respondent fills in the boxes of the answer sheet and the sheet is scanned, entering the response data, automatically, into the program. This is especially useful for agencies with a high volume of tests, and/or agencies that test large groups. It eliminates the need for manual data entry. Use of this option requires the scanner hardware and the scannable answer sheets. Initial, scannable answer sheets can be obtained from us and, then, you can, for minimal cost, have your scanned answer sheets printed. Please coordinate with us, if you are planning to use this option.

Human Voice Audio Reading: This test administration mode is new and innovative. The client sits before the computer with earphones on. Earphones ensure clarity, while eliminating distractions. The "arrow keys" allow the client to switch back and forth, between questions and answers. As each question or answer is highlighted, it is read to the client. The client can go back and forth, as many times as needed. When the client selects an answer the program advances to the next question. Reading can be in any language, e.g., English, Spanish, or Native American. To make other languages available, BDS would need the translator and reader provided for recording, at your agency/offices. This innovative approach to reading impaired screening resolves most bilingual, cultural, and reading impaired screening problems. Windows testing requires a CD-ROM, earphones, and computer audio capability. The tests can be programmed for human voice test administration in most, if not all languages. Internet (online at testing, Human Voice Audio does not require a CD-ROM, but a high speed internet connection is needed.

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